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אודות מאווררים


Electrostar: Established in 1948 aiming to create the best fans, both in quality and design. Today, Electrostar owns the world's largest display store (300 square meters), where you can take a look and buy fans made by the worlds leading fan companies. Our store is built on the grounds of the Star fan factory, where Star fans were manufactured 50 years ago. Star fans cross generations.
Our first Star fans were made by cast iron and live uo to the test of time as still throughout the years,  over fifty years per fan. As of today, You can find these fans, or any other Star fan, in almost every household in Israel. These fans represent the highest quality and top notch service provided throughout the years by Electrostar. Electrostar evolved over the years but still represents the commitment to quality and service with fans who carry a one year warranty, three, five, ten or even a lifetime warranty.


The Star Fan Shop offers you a variety of ceiling fans to match any space and catagory.  
Classic ceiling fans come in various finishes and different price levels so that we can match any budget. Ceiling fans may have three, four or five blades, some with built-in lighting and some without lighting, all items have the possibility of adding a wall switch or remote control, a down rod for high ceilings and a reverse switch. 
Ten years ago we launched our best selling model which is available for almost any room with a lifetime warranty. Star fans practically silent and offer a variety of finishes and light kits. Star 4 Life models are available in: 36" for small rooms, 42" for standard rooms and 52" for large rooms and living rooms.


Tropical style fans are very popular. Their natural designs are loved by designers and architects for outdoor projects. Many tropical style fans are water resistant and rated wet or damo location. Therefore they are popular for outdoor use in pergulas and balconies during the hot and humid sommers. 
Some fans offer the option of Mix and Match blades and motors to design your own fan. For example: Tropical Star fan series, Fanimation Islander and Fanimation Louvre.
Another trend in design is the return appearance of industrial style fans and retro designs. These fan designs are simple and clean in their look, with a wink to the past. For example: the Modern Fan series and the Jet Fan.



At The Star Fan shop & Display, located at 4 Shelavim St. in Jaffa (Tel Aviv)  you can look at 200 hanging ceiling fans from the worlds leading companies, including: Hunter, Fanimation, Modern Fan, Minka Air and more. The Star Fan Shop introduces fans of all types and designs, such as: Classic style fans, retro designed fans, modern style fans and many more. 
Also, at the Star Fan Shop, you can buy: Floor fans, tower fans, wall fans,desk fans and tower fans. Star fans shop offers fans for all spaces: Fans for bedrooms, fans for living rooms, outdoor fans and many more fans. At our shop our professional consultants will help you pick fans for any room in the house or your desired space.
Come visit us at the Star Fan shop: 4 Shelavim St. Jaffa Street.  Phone: * 2230 from any phone



  • Electrostar is the first company in Israel to import American fans, "American Star". 
  • Star is the only company is Israel that provides lifetime warranty. 
  • Star owns the patent which allows you to assemble 2, 3 or 4 blades on the same fan. 
  • Electrostar is a family owned company, 3rd generation.
  • In the 80's Electrostar shipped, from Tel Aviv to London, about 200 Bluestar fans to Buckingham Palace to cool down the king, queen and kingdom. 

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